The benefits of choosing Allied

Most of the services we offer are unique and different than other companies. We are different not for the sake of being different -  we believe that as time & technology evolves, the way we clean and restore floors should as well. Here are a few examples of our differences:

Grout Color Seal vs. Grout Clear Seal

Our premium service Grout Works offers a warranted grout color sealer. Why is this important? If unprotected, grout becomes stained, uneven in color, and full of bacteria. Any one can go to a big box store and get a traditional clear seal, giving your grout a fews years of protection at best. The problems we have experienced with clear seal is that it actually attracts dirt from mopping, yellows, and breaks down after a few years (or less). Plus, there is no warranty with other sealer than ours.

Grout Works sealer is patented and warranted, which means no one else in West Texas can offer the same product or give the same guarantee. Our sealer takes your grout from being porous to non-porous. This protects your grout from stains and bacteria, and will provide a lasting & even color. Plus, you can choose from ANY color to contrast or match your tile!

What does the warranty mean? 

Our sealer is guaranteed against cracking, chipping, peeling, and stains. The length of the warranty varies from residential to commercial properties.

Please note: Our warranty for commercial properties are shorter in years warranted, and are not given in some rare cases. Please contact us directly to learn if your commercial property will be eligible for our warranty. 

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Using Multiple Sanding Methods

We have found, through experience, that combining methods gives the best results for sanding wood floors. On any one job, we can use up to four or more different methods of sanding technology: belt sander, oscillating sander, vibrating sander, edgers, and more. Why do we do this? To ensure that the normal wear and tear of the floor (scuffs, scratches, warping, etc.) is properly sanded out of the wood floor for a fresh and new beginning. 

Hardwood Oils vs. Stain/Polyurethane

We have chosen to go against the grain and stray away from using common stain and polyurethane to refinish hardwood floors. Here are a few reason as to why we made the switch, and how it can benefit our clients: 

  • We use a monocoat oil that protects and colors the wood in a single layer
  • 0% VOC, which means it is safe to breathe because it has no fumes
  • Gives the wood a natural feel and look!

Sealing vs. Waxing - VCT, Concrete, Stone, & Terrazzo

Using wax to protect floors can be a good short term fix, but may cause serious problems in the long run. As time goes by, wax tends to yellow and wear away in heavily trafficked areas. The only solutions to restoring the floor is to apply more wax, which only adds to the cost when it comes time to strip and re-wax the floor. This vicious cycle will go on and on, which is exactly why we switched to a breathable sealer. Here are a few benefits of the product we use: 

  • Creates a hard, impermeable surface
  • Chemical resistant
  • No stripping and re-applying 
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Does not yellow!