Why Choose Us?

We have different methods to achieve better results. It's that simple.

Grout & Tile

Warranted Grout Color Sealer

We have the ONLY warranted grout color sealer on the market. This means we give you a warranty that no other company can give you

No More Dirty Grout Lines!

Our color sealer turns the grout from porous to non-porous, creating stain free grout lines!

Choose any color of grout sealer you want!

Our Sealer Eliminates Odor Causing Bacteria

Residential & Commercial

We Also Specialize In: Shower Restoration, Tile Repair, Re-Caulking, & Natural Stone Care

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Wood Refinishing

We use a product that protects and colors wood floors in 1 single layer

No Polyurethane & NO Fumes!

0% VOC

Easy Maintenance For You

Long Lasting Protection

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

What Does Low Moisture Mean?

Our machine uses a considerably lower amount of water than normal Hot Water Extraction. 

Benefits of Low Moisture

  • Leaves carpet cleaner longer 
  • Completely dries in 1-2 hours (sometimes sooner)
  • Perfect for commercial properties with high traffic areas!

From small homes to large commercial properties, we can do it all!

VCT, Concrete, & Terrazzo Sealer

We Do NOT Use Wax!

This means once we apply our sealer, you will not have to strip & re-wax the floor!

Creates A Hard, Impermeable Surface

Provides stain protection against oil, water, vinegar and caustic acid based substances

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Use


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