Why Choose Us?

We have different methods to achieve better results. It's that simple.

Why choose the same old methods to get the same results? Learn more below about our methods in floor care, restoration, & maintenance. 

Grout & Tile

Warranted Grout Color Sealer

We have the ONLY warranted grout color sealer on the market. This means we give you a warranty that no other company can give you

No More Dirty Grout Lines!

Our color sealer turns the grout from porous to non-porous, creating stain free grout lines!

Custom Color Matching

Choose any color of grout sealer to either match or contrast the color of your tile.

Our Sealer Eliminates Odor Causing Bacteria

Perfect for parents with little ones!

Residential & Commercial

We offer our services to anyone who has tile & grout! 

We Also Specialize In: Shower Restoration, Tile Repair, Re-Caulking, & Natural Stone Care

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Wood Refinishing

Hardwood Oils

We use a product that protects and colors wood floors in 1 single layer

No Polyurethane & NO Fumes!

0% VOC

Easy Maintenance For You

Our finished product is easy for you to maintain, and you can even repair scratches or damaged areas WITHOUT having to re-sand the entire floor!

Long Lasting Protection

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture?

Our machine uses a considerably lower amount of water than normal Hot Water Extraction. 

Benefits of Low Moisture

  • Leaves carpet cleaner longer 
  • Completely dries in 1-2 hours (sometimes sooner)
  • Perfect for commercial properties with high traffic areas!

Oscillating Orbit

Our machine oscillates, which means it turns in more directions than just circular. This process encapsulates dirt & throws it on the surface for a deeper clean!

Residential & Commercial

From small homes to large commercial properties, we can do it all!

VCT & Concrete Sealer

We Do NOT Use Wax!

This means once we apply our sealer, you will not have to strip & re-wax the floor!

Creates A Hard, Impermeable Surface

Provides stain protection against oil, water, vinegar and caustic acid based substances

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Use